Protect Your Eyes by Wearing Sport Glasses

Not too long ago, athletes rarely wore sports glasses. Because of this, many athletes got hurt in ways that were directly related to their sport. Things have changed, and it’s just as uncommon to see an athlete on the field without protective sports glasses. Everyone who has anything to do with sports, whether a parent, a coach or a player, knows that it is important to protect the eyes with the right eyewear.

The use of sports glasses has led to a big drop in eye injuries, and at the same time, it has helped athletes and sportspeople who wear protective eyewear see better. Even so, more than 40,000 eye injuries directly caused by sports are treated in hospitals every year. Even people who play sports that don’t involve physical contact are at risk if they play in a sports arena.

If you are playing a sport that involves balls, bats, or other things that can fly, there is a chance that you could hurt your eyes. So, it makes sense to wear sports glasses to protect your eyes. If you think prescription glasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses can help protect your eyes when playing sports, you should think again. This is because sports glasses are made to keep your eyes safe while playing a certain sport. There are many different sizes and shapes of these glasses. Some are made to be used on a basketball court, and others are made to be used on a soccer field.

Make sure that the sports glasses you choose can be worn with a helmet if the sport you’re doing requires you to wear one. Also, when picking the lenses for your sports glasses, choose ones made of polycarbonate, which can take a hit. Also, polycarbonate is a great way to protect your eyes from things moving at high speeds. The best part is that these lenses have UV protection built in

But before you choose polycarbonate lenses for your sports glasses, you should know that these lenses tend to scratch easily if they are not treated. So, it pays to put a coating on the lenses that keep them from getting scratched. Athletes usually choose polycarbonate lenses, but it’s also important to look at the different frames because each sport requires a different frame. Most sports frames can take both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Make sure the sports frame you choose is made of a strong, durable material that can take a hit. Most of the time, you should choose frames made of plastic or polycarbonate. Also, choose a frame with rubber padding, which protects the frame where it touches the nose or head of the person wearing the glasses.

Lastly, when picking out a pair of sports glasses, remember that some are made to wrap around the face. Sports glasses like these are great for biking, hang-gliding, and sailing. They are also good for people who wear contact lenses because they protect the eyes from wind and dust.

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